Fantasy music

Listened to Phyrnna‘s new piece, Solitude of the Valkyrie. It’s really good. Her music is very powerful to me partly because I feel that her songs have a very plaintive note of emotion in them – they strikes some chord with my interiority. There’s often a hint of sadness or isolation coupled with fantasy – like the two are inextricably bound to one another. I don’t know why I’m calling it sad – but listening to her songs, part of my mind pauses, veers off in a perpendicular dimension, maybe. Take something iconic like Raindrops of a Dream, if I listen to the notes where it pauses before it descends to a chaos of pattering, there seems to be some kind of inward-focused vibration/resonance to them. Is that the connection I feel with the music? That isolation tinged with sadness, and fantasy are inextricably linked? As a writer I’m familiar with the idea of trying to build a teeming world by myself (not claiming to be good at this) – and despite my fervent wishes to the contrary, it’s an undertaking I have to do myself, it’s in a little fragile snowglobe, a captured memory in miniature. A microcosm that by bent of being invented is never real in the sense of the real world, that is simplified but having essential tunes constructed from one’s heart that allow it to exist in the organic matter of a brain. (Is that not “turning dreams into reality?”) Maybe this is why I find creating fantasy as one of the most meaningful things there is in the world.