if I ask you for a god

if I ask you for a god, who would you name?

if I ask you tomorrow, would you say the same?

if you don’t commit: that’s just lame

silence burns, but apathy drowns the flame




I forget to watch the leaves turn color,
and they are already gone.
Sight is an illusion
when nothing penetrates the clouds of the mind


I’m afraid that if I spend the whole day
stilling the surface of my mind’s pond
it will still have waves
and I still won’t find
the hidden beast down deep
who whispers my true desires


I wonder what it is like

not to have a million possibilities go through my head

like driving rain

before every word I speak

but instead

have every curious question

growing like a daisy in the sun,

too many to trample.


I wish I were a flock of dandelion seeds

so that if one of me catches in a shady place and fails to grow

another of me will make it, somewhere sunnier.