what is the aesthetic of a softer world?

it is a world without permanent scars. you can always recover from anything. there is always a second chance. there is never a Real Death. you can take back anything.

the end of every story is not the villains’ defeat but their atonement.

but in our world, too many changes are permanent. and if you are afraid of them you don’t get far from the starting line.

if you say the wrong thing, a million people will villainize you, each by itself a finger-nudge but together they are like a high-speed train slamming into a pedestrian.

“please don’t flow so fast, you little mountain.”

the people who want a softer world are not those would-be villains. “it’s empathy in overdrive,” explain the school of hard knockers.

the softer world is impossible. or possible for the faithful utopist, as a post-death world with border guards, lifetimes away.

but we can strive for it as an ideal.

people kinder with a few extra words.


“sorry. but try again next time. i mean it. please do. you are beautiful.

“you can always try again.”


Emptiness, I

Woke up on the edge of meaning. There’s a cliff by my bedside. The other is a wall. I want to sleep forever, but dreams desert me: like potions they demand raw ingredients, fresh kills under the sunlight. Taking a deep breath, I begin my daily fall.

(from 11/22/13)

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