Visiting a co-op

(from June 14, 2018)

I want this to be my new normal. The interaction with, the lifestyle of the people at _. The check-ins were amazing. I don’t feel like I’ve ever felt connected to a group of people like this in so little time. I love when a large group of people have one conversation, W said. Like this. Often large-group conversations fail because the conversation follows a random walk of topics that no one is super-interested in. But when you go around the table, and everyone’s attention is focused on the person who is speaking, and the speaker gets to just talk about whatever is on their mind, whatever is important or relevant in eir life right now… The prompts were, “What is alive for you right now?” and “What could life help you with?” It’s a lot like authentic relating and circling – and indeed it feels like the¬†right¬†version of authentic relating to me – like the other experiences have been near misses and this is on point.

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The moon is full tomorrow

(date: 8/24)

The moon is full tomorrow. The full moon and the new moon are times for reflection. When the moon wanes, do the things you want to get rid of in your life. It’s also the time to make offerings to the ancestors, food and liquor and burning paper money, all the things that they loved in life. You don’t owe them anything – the people who brought you into this world without your permission – give your token of respect and then follow your own desires. When the moon waxes, do the things you want more of in your life. Do this, and you’ll be better off than the people who don’t believe. It’s in all the traditions, Christian, Buddhist, native everything.

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